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Hidden Harvest: Wild Foods and Agricultural Systems. A Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography, The

Ian Scoones, Mary Melnyk, Jules N Pretty

Report/paper, 260 pages

This literature review and annotated bibliography of close to 1,000 references is organised into eleven thematic sections, each containing review essays and annotated references. Extensive referencing refers to numbered entries in the bibliography, and there are three different indices. The themes cover 1. Wild foods in agricultural systems; 2. Swidden agriculture and foraging in tropical forest systems; 3. The hidden harvest in pastoral production systems; 4. Wildlife utilisation; 5. Wild foods and food security; 6. The nutritional value of wild foods; 7. Tenure and local institutions for wild food resource management; 8. Socially differentiated use of wild foods; 9. The economic value of wild foods; 10. Biodiversity and the future of agriculture; 11. Non-timber forest products.

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