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Reducing the biodiversity impacts of agriculture in Ghana

Briefing, 4 pages
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There is a close link between biodiversity and agriculture. Agriculture requires that surrounding ecosystems are healthy and resilient in order to support valuable ecosystem services (such as natural pest controllers and pollinators). Biodiverse ecosystems are also more diverse in available nutrients to support crops and biodiversity is considered a natural way to protect against the effect of climate change. 

This policy briefing recommends policies that minimise agricultural expansion in areas of high biodiversity value in Ghana and sustainable agricultural practices to maintain healthy and sustainable food systems.

This briefing was originally published on the Sentinel project website.

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Fairbrass, A., Newbold, T., Chapman, A., Neina, D. (2022). Reducing the biodiversity impacts of agriculture in Ghana.
  • IIED, London
  • Sentinel, London
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