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Field Report: Showcasing the Role of Communities in Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade at the National Elephant and International Rhino Awareness Day in Tanzania

Research report
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This report discusses work by the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) in relation to National Elephant Day and International Rhino Day in September 2020.

Before the main event on 22 September, 7 villages in Tunduru District were visited by TNRF, the Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA) and Tunduru District officials, to create awareness on how communities can address Human Wildlife Conflict caused by elephants in the Ruvuma landscape. Experiences on HWC and Illegal Wildlife Trade were shared from Ikona, Enduimet and Burunge Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) from the northern circuit, plus Nalika and Chingoli WMAs from the southern circuit.

TNRF also disseminated 295 copies of the booklet: “Community-based approaches to tackling poaching and illegal wildlife trade: Case studies from Tanzania.”

These activities are part of the Learning and Action Platform for Community Engagement against IWT (LeAP) project, funded by the UK Government’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund. LeAP aims to develop best practices in involving communities to tackle poaching and TNRF is involved in the project through the collection of policy and evidence information regarding IWT in Tanzania.

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