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Building local impact for better access to climate finance

IIED Briefing, 4 pages
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There is an urgent need for better delivery mechanisms and institutions that can channel climate finance to local actors, as they are the ones who can deliver more targeted, context-relevant and appropriate climate adaptation outcomes. The shake-up of priorities brought by COVID-19 creates an opportunity to reorientate development finance flows towards a more localised approach.

IIED has worked with local institutions through the pandemic, using the ‘Money where it matters’ (MWIM) framework to support their capabilities to mobilise and manage increased volumes of climate finance. Examining emerging evidence from this work and broader evidence from our MWIM research, this briefing sets out why donors and development actors should support local actors and how local institutions can develop joined-up, equitable and locally appropriate responses to the challenges they face.

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Smith, B., Greene, S. (2021). Building local impact for better access to climate finance.
  • IIED, London
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