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Long-term planning for climate and development: ideas from and for the Least Developed Countries

Case study, 20 pages
PDF  17759IIED.pdf (3.85 MB)

The least developed countries (LDCs) are no stranger to thinking ahead on climate and development. Many are already invested in the process of designing a long-term low carbon climate resilient development strategy; others are closer to achieving this than they may realise. This case study explores how and why LDCs are committing to long-term action plans. Building on evidence-based policy recommendations, we explore two inspiring examples of long-term LDC planning and the benefits that result. These are supported by resources and approaches that can aid LDCs in advancing their own long-term strategies. We argue that the cost of planning is outweighed by the rewards, at national level and in terms of contributing to global goals. This is especially true for climate-vulnerable nations, who are so often also climate leaders.

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