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Wild meat alternative projects: practical guidance for project design

Toolkit, 68 pages
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This guide provides practical advice for conservation experts on how to design projects to reduce the consumption of wild meat by promoting alternative sources of protein. In five comprehensive steps, it explains how practitioners can develop the right project for the community in which they work. There is no one size fits all approach to successful project design.

The guidance starts with assessing your project’s feasibility, runs through how to complete situational and stakeholder analyses and carry out in-depth interviews on why people eat wild meat and the desirability of different alternatives, and culminates in creating a theory of change for your project. By completing the five steps in this guide, your project team will be ready to implement a wild meat alternative project that works.

This is Version 2 of the guide, published in June 2021. It replaces Version 1, published in October 2020.

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Brittain, S., Booker, F., Tagne, C., Maddison, N., Milner-Gulland, E., Mouamfon, M., Roe, D. (2021). Wild meat alternative projects: practical guidance for project design.
  • IIED, London
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