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Community Voices: local perspectives on international responses to illegal wildlife trade

Event/workshop report, 11 pages

The London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) took place on 11 and 12 October 2018. It was the fourth in a series of high-level conferences seeking to increase international commitments to tackling the IWT.

Despite formal commitments to recognise the important role of the indigenous peoples and local communities who live side-by-side wildlife in reducing IWT, the emphasis to date remains strongly on strengthening government or private sector-led law enforcement.

For this reason, immediately before the London Conference, IIED, IUCN-SULi, FFI and ZSL partnered to organise an event that brought local community representatives to London, enabled them to share their experiences in tackling IWT with each other, and with a wide variety of support-NGOs, donors and researchers.

The event was called Community Voices: Local Perspectives on International Responses to Illegal Wildlife Trade. This summary report gives a short overview of the event and presents the Community Statement to the London Conference on IWT 2018.

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IIED, IUCN-SULi, FFI and ZSL (2018) Community Voices: Local Perspectives on International Responses to Illegal Wildlife Trade. Summary Event Report. IIED, London.

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To successfully tackle poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, we need to move beyond law enforcement and develop best practice in involving communities in managing wildlife resources and taking action against wildlife crime.

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Learning and action for community engagement against wildlife crime

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