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Governance, equity and the greenlist

Francesca Booker, Phil Franks

Event/workshop report, 20 pages

The workshop ‘Governance, Equity and the Green List‘ was held in Kenya in February 2018. It focused on the multi-stakeholder, participatory methodology being developed by IIED in partnership with GIZ and IUCN to assess governance quality at individual protected areas and conservation areas.

The workshop objectives were to: identify and characterise key governance and equity issues emerging from experience of using the methodology in Bangladesh, Philippines, Kenya and Uganda; critique the methodology and consider outstanding issues such as monitoring progress over time and contributing to improved policy and practice; refine and clarify key concepts; and build capacity so that the facilitators present can lead a governance assessment process in the future and train others in the methodology. This report summarises the proceedings.

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Francesca Booker and Phil Franks (2018) Governance, equity and the greenlist. Workshop Report. IIED, London.
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IIED is developing a multi-stakeholder-led methodology for assessing the quality of governance at protected areas and other conserved areas.

More at www.iied.org:
Assessing governance at protected and conserved areas (GAPA)

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