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Mainstreaming biodiversity and development. Guidance from African experience 2012-17

Toolkit, -60 pages
PDF  17608IIED.pdf (827.48 KB)

Do you want to highlight how biodiversity contributes to economic and social development, and ensure its potential is realised? Do you want to ensure biodiversity opportunities and risks are no longer ignored by development policy, plans and budgets?

Or perhaps you want to mainstream development concerns into biodiversity policy and planning? You may be developing or revising a National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) and want to make sure it supports poverty reduction and social inclusion.

If so, this guide aims to help you to:~-Understand the ‘reciprocal’ mainstreaming process – biodiversity into development and development into biodiversity – so that the real linkages between people and nature, economy and ecology, are dealt with properly~-Find out more about helpful tools and approaches – that have been tested in African contexts~-Effectively and efficiently select, assemble, analyse and present compelling evidence on the links between biodiversity and national development priorities~-Make better NBSAPs and development plans – and use them better~-Develop a communication strategy to support these aims.

This guidance draws on lessons from the African Leadership Group (ALG) for Biodiversity Mainstreaming, covering progress in eight African countries since 2012.

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