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Mainstreaming biodiversity. A guide to selecting strategic development targets


Toolkit, 13 pages

The Aichi targets and Sustainable Development Goals alike demand a truly integrated approach: biodiversity, social and economic factors need to be ‘put on the same page’ when decisions are made. Yet development and biodiversity institutions still work separately from one another. This guide addresses how to mainstream biodiversity into development. It is aimed at biodiversity authorities and interest groups needing to select the most strategic development targets for biodiversity mainstreaming – to produce high gains for biodiversity as well as development, reduce any negative impacts, and accelerate the process of institutional integration. The guide describes how this can be done, based on the experience of Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Seychelles, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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IIED and UNEP-WCMC (2016) Mainstreaming biodiversity. A guide to selecting strategic development targets. IIED, London.
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This Darwin Initiative and BMZ-funded project supported African countries to use their revised national biodiversity and strategy action plans (NBSAPs) as a vehicle for integrating biodiversity into development policy and planning.

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Mainstreaming biodiversity and development

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