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Getting it together: how some local organisations in East Africa have succeeded in linking conservation and development

It is increasingly recognised that action at the local level underpins the success and sustainability of most environment and development initiatives. As representatives of the communities they serve, local organisations can effectively extend the reach of state democracies and service delivery agencies to marginalised and disenfranchised constituencies. Despite this growing recognition, there is still limited attention to supporting local organisations and local-level processes, or to creating the conditions in which local organisations can grow, be sustained, develop commercially attractive enterprises, and have impact.

Our report is based on profiles of five local organisations working to link biodiversity conservation and local development in and around protected areas in East Africa. Our analysis reveals the main roles that local organisations play in integrating conservation and development in their position at the intersection between local, national and international stakeholders.

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IIED supported and raised the profile of local organisations in East Africa, to help make the case for investing in and scaling-up community-based approaches to transforming landscapes, economies and rural societies.

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Unleashing the potential of local organisations in linking conservation and development

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