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Pathways to change: IIED Annual Report 2017/18

Annual report, 40 pages
PDF  17483IIED.pdf (3.81 MB)

IIED's 2017/18 annual report summarises the institute's activities during the year.

It focuses on how IIED makes a difference in the world, and how the institute will continue to do so in a rapidly shifting global landscape. Inspiring stories from the year illustrate IIED's ‘impact pathways’: the ways in which it works with partners to build a fairer and more sustainable future.

In his introduction to the report, IIED director Andrew Norton says: "The [four] pathways guide our action at different levels, as we link local knowledge to global forums. Through them, we drive change to help realise our goals: increased investment in locally controlled land and natural resource use; cities that work for people and planet; fair and equitable solutions to climate change; and sustainable markets that work for the many, rather than the few."

The report describes IIED's many achievements during the year, and also features statistics about IIED's publications and international audiences, as well as information about the institute's partners around the world.

A section also provides information on IIED's financial performance during the year, and reports on how the institute is working to improve its environmental performance.

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