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Money where it matters: financing the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement through local finance

Sian Lewis, Clare Shakya, Paul Steele

Event/workshop report, 44 pages

IIED has been researching local finance issues in urban and rural settings, in the context of climate, energy and natural resources. On 7–8 December 2016, we hosted an event to reflect on our insights and explore how financing mechanisms can more effectively channel resources to the local level. The ‘Money where it matters’ event featured speakers from finance, research, policy and practice. By sharing their experience and expertise, participants began to shape an agenda for better supporting poor women and men to have a greater voice in allocating climate and development finance. This document highlights the evidence and insights discussed at that workshop.

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IIED is exploring solutions to remove the barriers that stop climate finance reaching the people most vulnerable to climate change. The focus is on the value, blocks and solutions to community funds supporting climate action to clarify community rights to resources. The project will strengthen collaboration with these funds and between donors, financial intermediaries, fund aggregators and high- and low-tech innovators.

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Breaking down barriers to tenure-positive climate finance

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