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REDD+ and the private sector: tapping into domestic markets

Uncertainties in the international carbon market make it imperative the UN’s REDD+ framework engages a wider spectrum of the private sector than just international companies and investors. Countries with REDD+ programmes should work with their domestic private sector to provide the missing momentum. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are crucial, as these usually dominate in forest- and agriculture-based economies. Engaging these businesses needs policy support that builds private and public partnerships. Experience from Tanzania and Mozambique shows existing policies and laws can support national REDD+ efforts to engage the private sector at scale. But strengthening policy and providing more targeted support would accelerate economic and environmental gains.

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IIED worked with partners to understand and document the scale of private sector engagement with REDD+, which aimed to reduce emissions and conserve forests in specific countries. This was achieved by developing a series of national-level case studies, research into opportunities for further private sector engagement and commitments towards zero-deforestation supply chains.

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Private sector involvement with REDD+

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