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Implementing a low-carbon resilient development agenda: lessons from Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Rwanda

IIED Briefing, 4 pages
PDF  17258IIED.pdf (175.54 KB)

Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Rwanda are at the forefront of developing national plans that address elements of both climate change mitigation and adaptation with a low carbon resilient development (LCRD) agenda. This briefing explores the experience of LCRD planning in each country using interviews, analysis of policy documents and surveys to draw lessons for other countries seeking to integrate mitigation and adaptation into their national plans. Establishing a national consensus on what is understood by LCRD is shown to be important in building stakeholder support for any proposed LCRD agenda, as is clearly defining which co-benefits are being targeted. It is also clear that LCRD planning will need better access to high quality information on climate change planning and new policy approaches.

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