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Fine tuning international adaptation funding for the most vulnerable

IIED Briefing, 4 pages
PDF  17223IIED.pdf (73.34 KB)

Local people and local governments must have the power to respond to the specific vulnerabilities climate change brings them. Policy frameworks also need to recognise and explicitly prioritise local adaptation measures. To achieve these aims, consultation with local stakeholders is needed to integrate their perspective into policy. Financial mechanisms must also allocate resources and disburse adequate funds to community organisations and stakeholders to empower them to undertake local adaptation activities. To ensure sufficient finance is flowing, it will first be essential to improve transparency and accountability for international~climate adaptation financing mechanisms so that it is possible to track the flow of money from the international level right down to local action. This will require a more easily comparable, and consistent approach to reporting than is currently provided by the formal multilateral funds. Climate finance tracking initiatives still primarily focus on the international level despite the~reality that adaptation takes place ‘on the ground’.

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