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Convergence and contention: The Least Developed Countries in post-2015 debates

Issue paper, 24 pages
PDF  17202IIED.pdf (510.04 KB)

The 48 diverse nations characterised as Least Developed Countries (LDCs) face some of the world’s greatest development challenges, from poverty to climate change. LDCs are counting on the global development framework that will succeed the Millennium Development Goals post-2015 to help them meet those challenges. But the jury is out on how to shape global goals and targets with the priorities of LDCs in mind. This paper scans perspectives from a range of sources to identify areas of converging and contentious opinion. By laying these perspectives on the table, the paper aims to help LDC negotiators clarify their own positions and identify issues where they can increase their collective bargaining power in post-2015 debates through joint negotiation.

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