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Cultivating success: the need to climate-proof Tanzanian agriculture

IIED Briefing, 2 pages
PDF  17073IIED.pdf (231.61 KB)

All farming is a gamble with nature. The impacts of climate change, however, can pit farmers against impossible odds - particularly in poor, geographically vulnerable nations with largely agrarian economies. Tanzania is one such country. Some 80 per cent of its workforce is in agriculture and, with climate change set to lower yields in key crops, the implications for its economy are serious. Where, how and when climate impacts will hit is key – as is an action plan for averting the highest costs. Policy needs to focus immediately on helping farmers adapt to climate impacts by addressing both food production and marketing efficiencies. This is crucial: Tanzania is a test case for economic impacts predicted throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Replicating this policy approach in other low-income countries is essential if low-carbon growth and other development priorities are to become realities.

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