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Growing inclusion? Insights from value chain development in Ugandan oilseeds

This report presents insights from collaborative research
on the inclusion of smallholder farmers in the oilseed value
chain in Uganda. The results challenge some common
precepts of value chain development (VCD). The influence
of risk in farmers’ decision making, the dominant role of
cash, the competition provided by independent traders, and
the limitations of producer organisations all point to a need
to design VCD interventions and ‘inclusion’ around the reality of smallholder engagement in markets. It also points
to the fundamental importance of sector coordination to
address the provision of public goods that can raise the
inclusiveness of the sector as a whole.

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Vorley, B., Lecoutere,E., Mubiru,S., Lunduka, Jan Ubels, Bernard Conilh de Beyssac, Daniel Ikaaba(2014). Inclusiveness of value chain interventions: oilseeds in Uganda. IIED. London
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