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Inclusive Business in Agrifood Markets: Evidence and Action

Bill Vorley, Felicity Proctor

Report/paper, 50 pages

This report is based on proceedings of the conference
'Inclusive Business in Agrifood Markets: Evidence and
Action' - held in Beijing, 5-6 March 2008. Over 130
participants from 31 countries, representing farming, policy,
agrifood business, research and civil society met to assess
how modernization of the food system can include and
benefit small-scale farmers. The conference attempted to
answer the following questions:
Can the new food giants, including supermarkets and
food companies be partners in the economic growth
of rural areas?
Can small-scale farmers meet the high expectations
for food quality, safety, and quantity?
Can policy help to make successful market linkages
between business and small-scale farming?
The conference was jointly hosted by the Center for Chinese
Agricultural Policy (CCAP), the Office of Agricultural Vertical
Integration, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, and the
Regoverning Markets programme. It was a unique
opportunity to take advantage of a diversity of perspectives
from the public sector, the private sector, farmers -
organizations, academia, civil society and the media and to
share evidence and develop ideas for action. It also provided
an opportunity to communicate findings from the
Regoverning Markets programme, to test the appropriateness
of these findings, and to develop a common agenda for
business, policy makers, farmers and researchers.

This publication forms part of the Regoverning Markets project.

Publication information

  • IIED code: 16503IIED
  • Published: Sep 2008 - IIED
  • Area: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, South America
  • Theme: Sustainable markets
  • ISBN: 978-1-84369-720-6
  • Language: English

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