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Corporate Social Responsibility at a Crossroads: Futures for CSR in the UK to 2015

Report/paper, 48 pages
PDF  16019IIED.pdf (547.16 KB)

The UK is widely considered to be a leader in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR); home to some of the word’s leading thinkers, practitioners and campaigners in the field. Despite this, there are few opportunities for collective strategic thinking about CSR across stakeholder groups. Corporate Social Responsibility at a Crossroads was designed to help to fill that gap. It was a process of analysis and stakeholder engagement to build scenarios for the future of CSR in the UK to 2015. The aim was to facilitate a dialogue across informed stakeholders in the UK; to provide an accessible map of the territory; and to set out some plausible scenarios for the future shape of the CSR agenda in the UK. This report records that analysis and the ideas that emerged from the process.

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