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Lifting the Lid on Foreign Investment Contracts: The Real Deal for Sustainable Development

Briefing, 6 pages
PDF  16007IIED.pdf (160.15 KB)

This report is about an area of corporate and government policy and practice that is little known or understood beyond the restricted circles of the specialists who are directly involved in it. It has far-reaching implications for the way of life, the rights, and the natural environments of millions of people around the world. The broad policy area is foreign investment. But this report focuses on deals between foreign investors and governments – foreign investment contracts. The terms of these deals have major implications for whether investment projects bring real benefits for the people and environments where they take place, or whether they undermine sustainable development. Based on investigations into a broad group of foreign investment projects we highlight concerns about the way these contracts are negotiated, the terms of the deals, and their wider implications for sustainable development.

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