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Legal Issues in Corporate Citizenship

Report/paper, 44 pages
PDF  16000IIED.pdf (165.48 KB)

There is a real need to ensure greater integration of national and international Policy agendas on good public governance, CSR and corporate accountability. This report for the Swedish Partnership for Global Responsibility shows how a legal lens can help to build understanding on some of the practical challenges of ensuring that economic globalisation is coupled with good environmental and social performance on the part of businesses around the world. The range of ways in which law and litigation already cut across the spectrum of CSR issues is highlighted, along with the implications for business management and public policy.

Could the US constitution’s First Amendment on freedom of speech really hold back the voluntary company reporting agenda? What are the issues raised by “foreign direct liability” cases against multinational corporate groups? What can businesses learn from McLibel or Nestlé’s litigation against the government of Ethiopia? And can we trust voluntary labels and certification schemes to take account of market access impacts on producers in developing countries - or could governments play a greater role? These and other boundary issues at the interface of law and corporate citizenship are addressed.

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