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Young citizens: youth and participatory governance in Africa/Jeunes citoyens: les jeunes et la gouvernance participative en Afrique (PLA 64 CD-ROM)

Guest edited by Jessica Greenhalf, Rosemary McGee


Across Africa, young people are seen as a ‘lost generation’: frustrated, excluded and marginalised from decision-making processes. This special issue of Participatory Learning and Action shows how this is changing. Young people in Africa are challenging the norms and structures that exclude them, engaging with the state and demanding accountability. They are exercising their right to participate and developing the knowledge, skills and confidence to affect change. Articles in this issue explore methods of communication, appraisal, monitoring and research which involve young people in decision-making spaces. It shows how young people are reshaping their perceptions of citizenship and how the links between young citizens and the state are being redefined and deepened.
À travers le monde, les citoyens commencent à exiger plus de reddition de comptes de la part de ceux qui sont au pouvoir. Nous voyons se profiler des expériences captivantes en termes de gouvernance participative. Mais fonctionnent-elles aussi pour les jeunes ? Avec la collaboration de Plan Mali et Plan Sénégal, ce numéro de Participatory Learning and Action témoigne de l’opiniâtreté, de la passion et de l’enthousiasme que les jeunes apportent aux processus de gouvernance – et montre comment ils impulsent le changement de manière créative et inattendue.

This bilingual (English/French) DVD Rom includes other resources including videos.

Available from/Disponible auprès de info@iied.org

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