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Peasant seeds, the foundation of food sovereignty in Africa


Non-document, 68 pages

Nyéléni, a legendary Malian peasant who excelled in cultivating the land, gave her name to a global forum on food sovereignty organised in Sélingué, Mali, in February 2007. This forum enabled more than 600 participants - peasants, farmers, shepherds, fishermen, indigenous peoples, migrant workers, women and young people - to assert their desire and ability to feed the peoples of the world with healthy, goodquality and abundant food. Just before this major gathering, the Coordination Nationale des Organisations Paysannes du Mali (CNOP) organised a preparatory workshop in Bamako on the privatisation of seeds in West Africa. This workshop, organised together with the European organisations BEDE and IIED, provided an opportunity for an unprecedented exchange of experiences in the region among peasant-farmers from four continents. This document illustrates and justifies the international workshop's final declaration on the privatisation of seeds, by summing up the main points made by the participants. Designed as a presentation tool for the widespread circulation of the information and discussions, it summarises the main themes covered. It also includes a CD containing audio recordings of the talks, presentations of the slideshows and video sequences. In-depth documents have been archived which contain the details of the exchanges at the workshop.

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