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Sharing power - a global guide to collaborative management of natural resources (2nd Ed)

The collaborative or ‘co-management’ of natural resources - whether between states and local communities or amongst and within communities themselves - is a process of collective understanding and actions by local communities and other social actors. The process brings about negotiated agreements on management roles, rights and responsibilities, making explicit the conditions and institutions of sound decentralized governance. At heart, co-management is about sharing power.

This book is designed for professionals and people involved in collaborative management processes. It distils the wealth of experience and innovative approaches developed by people who have learned by doing. It begins by offering a variety of vistas, from broad historical and equity considerations to in-depth co-management examples. Illustrated in detail is the understanding accumulated in recent decades on starting points for co-management, prerequisites for successful negotiations as well as rules, methods and conditions for the negotiations. Methods and tools, such as practical checklists distilled from different situations and contexts, are offered throughout. Examples of specific agreements and plural organizations are discussed, highlighting the importance of participatory democracy in creating enabling contexts for co-management.

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How and under what conditions can decentralised governance, capacity building and participation by farmers promote food systems that adapt to changing conditions and climates and maintain agricultural biodiversity?

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Sustaining local food systems and agricultural biodiversity

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