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Protecting indigenous knowledge against biopiracy in the Andes

Alejandro Argumedo, Michel Pimbert

Report/paper, 16 pages

This paper presents the Indigenous Biocultural Heritage Register, an approach developed by Andean communities in Peru in order to protect their knowledge against biopiracy and gain legal rights relating over their knowledge. The main objective of the register is to ensure the conservation, protection and promotion of indigenous peoples’ knowledge systems for sustaining their livelihoods and traditional resource rights. The Indigenous Biocultural Heritage Register, based on traditional Andean science and technology, also uses modern tools for collecting, documenting, storing, and administering the contents of the register.

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  • IIED code: 14531IIED
  • Published: Dec 2006 - IIED
  • Area: Peru
  • Theme: Law
  • ISBN: 978-1-84369-645-2
  • Language: English

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The current system of intellectual property rights is designed to promote commercial and scientific innovation. It offers little scope for protecting the knowledge rights of indigenous peoples, traditional farmers and healers, whose survival requires collective – not exclusive – access to new knowledge and innovations.

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Protecting community rights over traditional knowledge

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