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A Guide to the Biological Diversity Act 2002

Report/paper, 80 pages

Nearly a decade after becoming a party to the international environment agreement - the Convention on Biological Diversity, India enacted in 2002 the Biological Diversity Act. This law aims at regulating the conservation, sustainable use and access to biological resources, for which it enables the setting up of new institutions, puts into force rules, agreements and so on. The Act and its implementation will have direct implications for local communities. Therefore it is critical that communities who are directly or indirectly dependent on bioresources know how the Biodiversity Act will affect them, and how they in turn can influence its implementation and future course. The objective of this handbook is to explain the rights and responsibilities of local communities under the Biodiversity Act.

This publication is part of the Biodiversity Information Pack which includes three components. The other titles are: 'A Simple Guide to Intellectual Property Rights, Biodiversity and Traditional Knwoledge' and 'Understanding the Biological Diversity Act 2002'.

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