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A Simple Guide to Intellectual Property Rights, Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge

Report/paper, 160 pages

Patents, intellectual property rights, biopiracy... these terms are appearing more and more frequently in the news. It is clear even to the lay person that these are controversial issues. What is not clear is what they mean. What implications do they have for an ordinary citizen? Why are they such a hot topic of debate? What connection do intellectual property rights (IPRs) have with biological resources? What is the link to India's traditional knowledge, such as the medicinal properties of turmeric that were patented in the USA a few years ago? This handbook is a step towards filling the gap of user-friendly information and encouraging mainstream debate on IPRs, biodiversity and traditional knowledge. This handbook introduces the world of IPRs in clear, simple language. Presented in a Question & Answer format, it begins with the most basic questions and progresses to more complex issues, making it easily accessible to laypersons as well as those who are already familiar with the subject

This publication is part of the Biodiversity Information Pack which includes three components. The other titles are: 'A Guide to the Biological Diversity Act 2002' and 'Understanding the Biological Diversity Act 2002'

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