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PLA 55: Practical tools for community conservation in southern Africa

guest edited by Brian Child, Brian Jones

Journal, 144 pages

This issue includes a special theme section on Practical tools for community conservation in southern Africa. This includes a range of lessons and innovative tools that have been developed by the facilitators of community-based natural resource management programmes in southern Africa.

These tools can be broadly divided into two categories: facilitator's tools and management tools. Facilitator's tools range from Theatre for Africa's role in policy development, to the CAMPFIRE game for improving training in financial management.

The management tools have been developed to allow communities to manage wildlife in modern market economies. These tools range from the event book system developed in Namibia, to the quota setting methodologies developed in Zimbabwe.

This edition also includes a range of general articles and a Tips for Trainers item on participatory quote setting.

The closing In Touch section includes resource reviews, links, and RCPLA Network news.

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