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Unlocking barriers to financing sustainable forest-related SMEs: Lessons from Mozambique and Guatemala

Research report, 46 pages
PDF  13604IIED.pdf (2.29 MB)

This paper presents research aimed at understanding the barriers to sustainable small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in forest landscapes in accessing finance by examining the financial situation in forest landscapes in two countries – Mozambique and Guatemala. In both countries, subnational regions were examined for existing public and private financing opportunities available to forestry and agricultural SMEs; the requirements and processes of access to finance; and the key barriers and how to address them were identified.

This publication is dedicated to Eileen Higgins, who very sadly passed away as it neared completion. Eileen worked on IIED’s Forest Team publications for many years, first as an IIED employee then as a freelance designer. Her professionalism, dedication, creativity, efficiency and good humour will be remembered with fondness and appreciation by all those in IIED who worked with her. Part of her legacy is visible in the Team’s extensive library of publications, the majority of which were designed by Eileen over the past twenty years, and which stand as a testament to her skill for producing design to a consistently high standard.

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