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Raising forest revenues and employment: Unlocking the potential of small and medium forest enterprises in Guyana

Report/paper, 42 pages
PDF  13523IIED.pdf (551.01 KB)

Globalisation presents new challenges to forest business in Guyana. Knowing how to compete in the global market place is increasingly critical to the forest sector's long term prospects. Given the low stocking of valuable species and slow growth rates of Guyana's forest, large, capital intensive logging operations are proving unprofitable. Limited value is being added within country and few jobs are being created as a result. Given that small and medium forest enterprises with 16% of the allocated forested land pay 50% of the revenues of the Guyana Forestry Commission and employ 75% of people in the sector, the situation begs for a shift in emphasis. This report argues for such a shift, using new technology and better information about niche markets to improve both revenues and employment within the sector.

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