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Land Tenure and Resource Access in Africa CD Rom

Land Tenure and Resource Access in Africa

This CD contains pdfs of three reports published by IIED:

* Making Land Rights More Secure: Proceedings of an international workshop. Ouagadougou, March 19th-21st, 2002

This international workshop brought together researchers, decision-makers, leaders of farmers’ organisations and elected councillors from West Africa to consider the results of recent research and practical experience in the area of land tenure security. Characterised by economic liberalisation, structural adjustment, democratisation and administrative decentralisation, the 1990s brought many new opportunities, and globalisation has brought further wide-ranging changes. Negotiations between the state and farmers’ organisations, examples of which were discussed during the workshop, are leading to more democratic practices involving civil society organisations and experts in the debate on agriculture and land tenure.

* Governance and Land Relations. A Review of Decentralisation of Land Administration and Management in Africa
Liz Alden Wily

Are rural Africans gaining more control over how their land relations and their land use decisions are decided? Is their access and input to institutions that manage and regulate these matters improving? Is it cheaper and easier to have land interests and transactions recorded, and what kind of rights do these institutions recognise? These are the kind of questions that this review seeks to answer. It examines the founding policy and legal texts guiding change in around twenty countries in east, west and southern Africa. Special attention is paid to the functions and powers of newly established institutions and the extent to which these arrangements are accompanied by acknowledgement of historically vulnerable land interests.

* Land Tenure and Administration in Africa: Lessons of Experience and Emerging Issues
Lorenzo Cotula, Camilla Toulmin, Ced Hesse

What are the main features of the new wave of land policy and legislation in sub-Saharan Africa and the emerging issues concerning land tenure in the continent? The study draws lessons from recent experience in the areas of tenure security and land tenure reform; land redistribution; decentralised land management and administration; land conflict; protecting the land rights of vulnerable groups; land and rural-urban links; land and broader development policies and programmes.

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