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Land in Africa: Market asset or secure livelihood? Proceedings and summary of conclusions from the Land in Africa Conference held in London, November 8-9, 2004

Report/paper, 136 pages
PDF  12516IIED.pdf (426.76 KB)

Land tenure and shelter are insecure for many ordinary Africans in both urban and rural areas. Property rights are weak or unclear, and this is widely regarded as a major obstacle to African development. In this dynamic and challenging context, a conference entitled Land in Africa: market asset or livelihood security? Organised by IIED , NRI and the Royal African Society in November 2004, the conference brought together a wide range of interest groups including, African policy makers, academics and civil society representatives, as well as representatives of the private sector and international agencies to debate the way ahead for land rights and land reforms in Africa. This document brings together the proceedings from this conference.

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