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Exploring the nexus between humanitarian and development goals in Aleppo

Since 2010, the civil war in Syria has created one of the world’s greatest humanitarian crises. This paper aims to present possible entry points for links between humanitarian and development efforts in Aleppo, especially in the urban context. It explores the grey areas of early-recovery and resilience programming, keeping in mind the challenges brought forth by a protracted crisis. This paper uses the Tamkeen project as a case study to explore how and where humanitarian and development actors can work together to better link humanitarian response to longer-term development processes in a fast-moving conflict context. By doing so, the research presents an in-depth understanding of potential entry points in ongoing development projects for resilience activities by humanitarian actors, and identifies opportunities to better enhance the resilience of displaced and host communities on the back of humanitarian response through the more structured participation of development actors.

Publication information

  • IIED code: 10855IIED
  • Published: Dec 2017 - IIED
  • Area: Syria
  • Theme: Urban
  • ISBN: 978-1-78431-515-3
  • Language: English

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Dadu-Brown, S, Dadu, A and Zaid, M (2017) Exploring the nexus between humanitarian and development goals in Aleppo. IIED, London.
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Urban areas are increasingly the sites of humanitarian crises, from natural disasters to conflict and displacement. Through a programme of research, documenting and learning from experience and development of tools and approaches, IIED is working to build the knowledge and capacity to respond of humanitarian actors working in urban areas, and of urban actors facing humanitarian crises.

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