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Towards a network of micro-credits for housing improvements in barrios in Argentina

Working paper, 40 pages
PDF  10760IIED.pdf (4.89 MB)

This paper brings together the views, analysis and opinions of six women who voluntarily manage the micro-credit programme for housing improvement and work together with IIED – AL.

The programme has been running since 1988, and has adapted and evolved to different contexts and needs. Inocencia, Marta, Adriana, Irma, Carina, Gloria and Kitty are micro-credit programme promoters who, thanks to their voluntary work and dedication, drive a change in the living conditions in their respective neighbourhoods day by day, paving the way for the issuing of small credits in the form of materials for housing improvement. After ten years of joint management, a discussion among these six women provided the opportunity for analysis and evaluation of the Micro-Credit Fund experience at local level.

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