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Multistakeholder collaboration for urban climate change resilience in Bangladesh

Briefing, 4 pages
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Improved multistakeholder collaboration in the water and sanitation sector can contribute towards building greater urban climate resilience in Dhaka City. However, the challenge is to ensure all stakeholders come forward to improve the present situation of service provision and find effective means of collaboration. At present, informal settlements in Dhaka lack basic services and infrastructure, and are becoming home to more and more rural migrants. While a number of NGOs and government agencies are addressing the water and sanitation deficit, climate change resilience is not always being considered when implementing these initiatives. Current processes of stakeholder collaboration are still limited. This briefing provides an overview of existing initiatives and collaborations in improving water and sanitation infrastructure, and recommends approaches to improving multistakeholder collaboration in addressing the water and sanitation needs and resilience of low-income settlements in Dhaka.

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