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Impacts of economic crises and reform on the informal textile industry in Karachi

Arif Hasan, Mansoor Raza

Working paper, 24 pages

To date, no empirical research has examined the local impacts of economic crises and reform on cities in Pakistan, including Karachi. This study addresses this gap by examining how the textile industry – as one of Pakistan’s most productive economic sectors – has been impacted, with a focus on the informal power loom sub-sector. The factors that have contributed to the decline of the textile industry and the repercussions for this sub-sector, including one of the settlements in which it operates, are discussed. The conclusions contemplate the challenges of formulating urban policy responses to an economic problem that is shaped simultaneously by local, regional and global pressures.

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IIED collaborated with partners to look at urbanisation in Karachi.

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Focus on urbanisation issues in Karachi

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