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Climate and health in informal urban settlements

Sari Kovats, Simon Lloyd, Noah Scovronick

Working paper, 56 pages

This paper guides those who are interested in the current and potential health impact of climate change on urban populations in low- and middle-income countries. It describes the sources and types of health data available to assess current disease burdens and the relative importance of environmental risk factors. This includes how to identify sources of mortality and morbidity data in cities.  It also shows how health data are incorporated into survey designs with examples of how this can assess weather and climate related disaster impacts on health in particular cities.  Such work is challenging when routine health data (including the recording of causes of death) are not available.

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As well as increasing loss of life and injury from extreme events, climate change will exacerbate health risks from diseases that are among the main causes of premature death in informal settlements.

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Climate change and urban health

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