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Perspectives of Indonesian Local Government Planners on Adaptation to Climate Change

Working paper, 31 pages
PDF  10704IIED.pdf (1.14 MB)

This paper focuses on understanding what knowledge local planners at city, regional, and provincial levels have regarding climate change adaptation (CCA), and what informs their perceptions and understanding. Four main themes were investigated: their perception of climate change impacts on local communities; the level of CCA policy development; the extent of CCA mainstreaming in the development agendas of local governments; and the level of planning for CCA. The findings were derived from the perspectives and insights of 26 local planners, working for local governments from seven different Indonesian coastal cities. Several significant factors that need to be addressed in order to plan for and implement effective CCA and disaster management at local levels in Indonesia were identified. These included increased climate change awareness at local levels; the level of coordinated efforts of government and non-governmental organisations required to enable CCA; increased capacity development to enhance community resilience; access to financial incentives and programmes; and greater motivation to address climate change impacts to enable CCA development.

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