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Youth and the city

Journal, 621 pages
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This issue of Environment and Urbanization is on the theme Youth and the city and it has papers on: the opportunities and pressures facing urban youth in Africa; youth entrepreneurship in waste in one of Nairobi’s informal settlements; sex and livelihoods among young urban dwellers in the Gambia; youth perceptions of life in an informal settlement in Buenos Aires; and why gender and generation matters in understanding rural–urban linkages.

Themes for other papers include: prioritizing climate change adaptation in Durban; grassroots organizations building resilience in Dhaka; vulnerability of poor communities to flooding in Lagos; mainstreaming climate change adaptation in Indian cities; the food price crisis and urban food (in)security; urban agriculture in equatorial Africa; developments in plans for Dharavi and the airport slums in Mumbai; influencing Angola’s land policies; and poverty underestimation in Cairo.

Papers more than 2 years old can be downloaded free of charge at Sage Journals.

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