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Ecological Urbanization II

Journal article, 581 pages

For more information see www.environmentandurbanization.org

All but the last four issues of this journal are free online. Recent issues require a subscription to view the articles although the editorial and summaries are free to download (see below)

This issue deals with a ‘real-world’ understanding of how to achieve less ecologically damaging patterns of urban development, despite the many powerful vested interests that oppose this. It includes: two papers on transport issues; four papers on water and sanitation; the collaborative river basin management by 10 municipalities in Mexico to reduce river pollution, improve living conditions and promote better natural resource management; Making more ecologically sustainable mixed residential developments in Cape Town; Combining environmental improvements in Bangkok’s canals with improvements in living conditions for urban poor communities; Partnerships between governments and slum/shack dwellers’ federations; Protecting girls and young women from AIDs; Redefining child poverty; The constraints on aid agencies and development banks supporting local initiatives; The scope for bottom-up planning in Kolkata; Children as the missing population at the 2006 World Urban Forum.

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