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Framing and tracking 21st century climate adaptation

Current trends suggests global warming is likely to exceed 2°C by mid-century. The Paris Agreement and the 2030 deadline for meeting the SDGs provide a framework for adaptation action in the short term, but beyond that, incremental approaches will need to be complemented by transformational adaptation involving the radical restructuring, replacement or abandonment of systems, processes and practices that are no longer viable under new climatic conditions. There is an urgent need for frameworks to help countries meet their adaptation obligations under the Paris Agreement while preparing for warming that breaches the Paris temperature thresholds. Countries will need to track their adaptation activities to determine what does and does not work, identify good practice, and capture lessons that can inform adaptation planning, design and implementation. They will also need to report on these activities at the global level. We have created a framework for developing climate adaptation monitoring, evaluation and learning systems, or CAMELS, that can support countries in all of these tasks.

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IIED is working on a programme to improve and share understanding about monitoring and evaluation (M&amp;E) for climate change adaptation planning and reporting.

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Supporting national monitoring and evaluation systems to enable adaptation assessment and reporting

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