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Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development: a manual for local planning

Tracking adaptation and measuring development (TAMD) is a conceptual framework to monitor and evaluate climate change adaptation. This manual seeks to guide local actors in governments, NGOs and communities to use TAMD in local planning. TAMD evaluates adaptation success as a combination of how well institutions manage climate risks and how successfully adaptation actions keep development on course.

This manual is part of a set of three publications that build on the experiences of TAMD pilot countries to give guidance on how to apply TAMD. There is a general step by step guide for all users, a manual for national governments and this manual specifically for local planners.

This is the first version of this guidance building on the experience of testing TAMD in Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, Cambodia and Ethiopia. This guidance will be updated and revised as more experience is generated on each step.

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Irene Karani, Nick Brooks and Susannah Fisher. Tracking Adaptation Measuring Development: a manual for local planning. IIED Toolkit, London.
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Project information

The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) is working with partners to develop and pilot a framework, called Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development (TAMD), to track adaptation and measure its impact on development.

More at www.iied.org:
Tracking adaptation and measuring development (TAMD)

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