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Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development (TAMD) in Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal and Pakistan: Q3 Report - Meta-analysis findings from feasibility testing phase

Working paper
PDF  10091IIED.pdf (461.15 KB)

This paper summarises findings from the third quarter of feasibility testing of TAMD across four countries- Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, and Pakistan. Participating countries are at different stages of integrating TAMD within their M&E systems; this briefing explains a range of ways in which countries are applying TAMD within their context. The paper provides an overview of (a) how has the evaluation context within the country evolved? (b) Which actors are involved and how and have there been changes in stakeholder roles in decision making? (c) How has the theory of change been defined? (d) How are the indicators selected? (e) What are the methods used? (f) Experiences with data collection (g) and finally what were the challenges encountered?

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