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  1. The spice of life: the fundamental role of diversity on the farm and on the plate
    Seth Cook
    May 2018, Report/paper - IIED
  2. Contract farming and informality: drivers and governance responses in Zambia and Zimbabwe
    Stephen Kabwe, Jackqeline Mutambara, Kingstone Mujeyi, Emma Blackmore, Bill Vorley, Xiaoxue Weng
    Mar 2018, Research report - IIED
  3. Informality, global capital, rural development and the environment: Mukula (rosewood) trade between China and Zambia
    Paolo Omar Cerutti, Davison Gumbo, Kaala Moombe, George Schoneveld, Robert Nasi, Nils Bourland, Xiaoxue Weng
    Mar 2018, Research report - IIED
  4. Informal trade in cotton: Understanding drivers and working towards solutions in Zambia and Zimbabwe
    Emma Blackmore, Stephen Kabwe, Kingstone Mujeyi, Jackqeline Muzenda, Bill Vorley
    Mar 2018, Report/paper - IIED
  5. From climate risk to climate resilience
    Sam Barrett, Durton H. Nanja, Simon Anderson
    Dec 2017, Case study - IIED
  6. Agriculture, food systems, diets and nutrition in Zambia
    Marjolein Mwanamwenge, Jody Harris
    May 2017, Discussion paper - IIED/Hivos
  7. Accra statement on mainstreaming biodiversity in practice
    African Leadership Group
    Dec 2016, Report/paper - IIED
  8. Mainstreaming biodiversity. A guide to selecting strategic development targets
    Oct 2016, Toolkit - IIED
  9. National Workshop on Mainstreaming of the NBSAP for Republic of Zambia
    Department of Environment and Natural Resources Management in the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
    Apr 2016, Event/workshop report - IIED
  10. Understanding the social impacts of protected areas: a community perspective
    Phil Franks, Rob Small
    Mar 2016, Research report - IIED
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