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  1. Governance Assessment for Protected and Conserved Areas (GAPA) Early experience of a multi-stakeholder methodology for enhancing equity and effectiveness
    Phil Franks, Francesca Booker
    Nov 2018, Working paper - IIED
  2. How bottom-up M&E insights can inform national adaptation planning and reporting
    Neha Rai, Simon Anderson
    Nov 2018, IIED Briefing - IIED
  3. Livelihoods Insurance from Elephants (LIFE) in Kenya and Sri Lanka
    Nov 2018, Project flyer - IIED
  4. Co-production: taking stock of achievements and possibilities
    Oct 2018, Journal - Sage
  5. Urban ARK 15: Assessing Multi-Hazard Risk to Urban Infrastructure using Low-Cost GIS Techniques
    Faith E Taylor, Bruce D Malamud, James D A Millington
    Oct 2018, Briefing - Urban ARK
  6. Urban ARK 16: Looking backwards to reduce future risk in small African cities
    Naomi Roux, Susan Parnell
    Oct 2018, Briefing - Urban ARK
  7. Urban ARK 17: Risk Beyond the Red Line. Urban Risk and Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects in Kenya
    Andrew Charles, Kieran Birtill
    Oct 2018, Briefing - Urban ARK
  8. Urban ARK 18: Supporting community-led research on risks and creating policy platforms to enhance Nairobi’s governance for resilience
    Alice Sverdlik, Joseph Kimani, Patrick Njoroge, Hayley Leck, Mark Pelling
    Oct 2018, Briefing - Urban ARK
  9. Ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation: strengthening the evidence and informing policy. Research results from the Supporting Counties in Kenya to Mainstream Climate Change in Development and Access Climate Finance project, Kenya
    Hannah Reid, Victor Orindi
    Jun 2018, Project report - IIED
  10. Urban ARK 11: Improving solid waste management practices to reduce health risks in Nairobi and Mombasa
    Blessing Mberu, Mwange Chege
    Jun 2018, Briefing - Urban ARK
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