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  1. Aid in context: the importance of market-based approaches to aid delivery in northern Syria
    Deborah Cummins, Sarah Moharram
    Jun 2017, Briefing - IIED
  2. Refugees in urban Egypt: it’s time to reassess UNHCR’s 2009 Policy on refugee protection and solutions in urban areas
    Lina Lotayef, Nourhan Abdel Aziz
    Jun 2017, Briefing - IIED
  3. Tackling violence against women and girls in urban humanitarian crises: the case of Gaza
    Catherine Müller, Jean-​Pierre Tranchant
    Jun 2017, Briefing - IIED
  4. Urban planning following humanitarian crises: Supporting local government to take the lead in the Philippines following super typhoon Haiyan
    Elizabeth Parker, Victoria Maynard, David Garcia, Rahayu Yoseph-​Paulus
    Jun 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  5. Developing city resilience strategies: lessons from ICLEI and ACCCRN
    Diane Archer, Will Monteith, Helen Scott, Steve Gawler
    Apr 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  6. India’s peri-urban frontier: rural-urban transformations and food security
    Fiona Marshall, Pritpal Randhawa
    Apr 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  7. Resilience planning in Asian cities: lessons from the ICLEI–ACCCRN process
    William Monteith, Diane Archer, Helen Scott, Steve Gawler
    Apr 2017, Briefing - IIED
  8. Tackling poverty and food security: lessons from India’s peri-urban frontier
    Fiona Marshall, Pritpal Randhawa
    Apr 2017, Briefing - IIED
  9. Understanding the full spectrum of risk in urban areas
    Apr 2017, Journal - Sage
  10. Urban ARK: Urban risk in Freetown’s informal settlements: making the invisible visible
    Adriana Allen, Braima Koroma, Emmanuel Osuteye, Andrea Rigon
    Apr 2017, Briefing - Urban ARK
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