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  1. Five considerations for national evaluation agendas informed by the SDGs
    Zenda Ofir, Thomas Schwandt, Stefano D’Errico, Kassem El-​Saddik, Dorothy Lucks
    Sep 2016, Briefing - IIED
  2. Migrant and refugee transit: the role of local authorities in humanitarian response
    Maren Larsen, Elma Demir, Maja Horvat
    Sep 2016, Briefing - IIED
  3. Responding to the Syrian crisis in Lebanon: collaboration between aid agencies and local governance structures
    Marwa Boustani, Estella Carpi, Hayat Gebara, Yara Mourad
    Sep 2016, Book/Report - IIED
  4. Counting critically: SDG ‘follow-up and review’ needs interlinked indicators, monitoring and evaluation
    Dorothy Lucks, Thomas Schwandt, Zenda Ofir, Kassem El-​Saddik, Stefano D’Errico
    Jul 2016, Briefing - IIED
  5. Leaving no one behind by 2030
    Essam Yassin Mohammed
    Jul 2016, Briefing - IIED
  6. Transforming a ‘New Urban Agenda’ into a just urban agenda
    Adriana Allen, Alexandre Apsan Frediani, Anna Walnycki
    Jul 2016, Briefing - IIED
  7. Making the SDGs a reality in LDCs: action for transformation
    IIED, STEPS Centre, IEG Independent Experts Group
    Jul 2016, Project info - IIED
  8. Eight things to know about the Green Climate Fund
    Lucy SSendi, Neha Rai
    Jun 2016, Book/Report - IIED
  9. African Urbanisation and Urbanism: Implications for risk accumulation and reduction
    David Dodman, Hayley Leck, Maria Rusca, Sarah Colenbrander
    Jun 2016, Book/Report - Kings College, London
  10. Clearing the fog: new tools for improving the credibility of impact claims
    Barbara Befani, Stefano D’Errico, Francesca Booker, Alessandra Giuliani
    Apr 2016, Briefing - IIED
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