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  1. Resilient Biocultural Heritage Landscapes for Sustainable Mountain Development
    Krystyna Swiderska / INMIP
    Oct 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  2. Nourishing diversity: A five-point plan to enrich our food systems
    Seth Cook
    Oct 2017, Briefing - Hivos International, The Netherlands; and IIED, UK
  3. SENTINEL: Social and environmental trade-offs in African agriculture
    Barbara Adolph, Jacob Mwitwa, Tagel Gebrehiwot, Dora Neina, Adrienne Martin, Phil Franks, Joseph Tobias, Nathalie Seddon, Elizabeth Robinson, Moses Osiru, Tim Newbold
    Oct 2017, Project info - IIED
  4. Smallholder farming systems in coastal Kenya: Key trends and innovations for resilience
    Chemuku Wekesa, Paul Ongugo, Leila Ndalilo, Arafa Amur, Sylvia Mwalewa, Krystyna Swiderska
    Sep 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  5. Potato Park Declaration
    International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples
    Jun 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  6. Agriculture, food systems, diets and nutrition in Zambia
    Marjolein Mwanamwenge, Jody Harris
    May 2017, Book/Report - IIED/Hivos
  7. India’s peri-urban frontier: rural-urban transformations and food security
    Fiona Marshall, Pritpal Randhawa
    Apr 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  8. Reconciling forest conservation with food production in sub-Saharan Africa: case studies from Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania
    Phil Franks, Xiaoting Hou-​Jones, Daniel Fikreyesus, Messay Sintayehu, Simret Mamuye, Elijah Danso, Charles Meshack, Iain McNicol, Arnout van Soesbergen
    Apr 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  9. Tackling poverty and food security: lessons from India’s peri-urban frontier
    Fiona Marshall, Pritpal Randhawa
    Apr 2017, Briefing - IIED
  10. SITAM - Intensification durable : Les équilibres nécessaires à la gestion agricole
    Barbara Adolph
    Apr 2017, Project info - IIED
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